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At Anti-Matter, our technology consulting services are designed to be the atomic pair to your business, driving success and adapting to your unique needs. We provide a comprehensive and consistent approach to consulting, with each phase tailored to the individual requirements of each client.

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our process for delivering consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each client

Discovery Phase

Strategy Development Phase

Implementation Phase

Training & Support Phase

Evaluation & Optimization Phase






  • Initial consultation: Understand the client's business, goals, and pain points

  • Systems analysis: Assess the client's existing technology infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.

  • Requirements gathering: Determine the specific services and support needed by the client.

  • Solution identification: Identify the most suitable services and solutions based on the client's needs and goals.

  • Roadmap creation: a comprehensive project plan and timeline outlining the stages of the consulting process.

  • Service delivery: Provide the selected consulting services, such as UI/UX design, AI consulting, software integration, etc.

  • Project management: Oversee the implementation process to ensure timely delivery and alignment with the client's expectations.

  • Collaboration: Maintain regular contact with client about milestones and key deliverables.

  • Performance assessment: Evaluate the success of the consulting services in achieving the client's goals and improving their technology infrastructure.

  • Feedback collection: Gather feedback from the client to identify areas for improvement and lessons learned.

  • Optimization: Make any necessary adjustments to the implemented solutions or processes to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Knowledge transfer: Ensure the client has the necessary knowledge and resources to effectively manage and maintain their technology solutions.

  • Training sessions: Conduct training sessions on tools, technologies, and best practices.

  • Ongoing support: Offer continuous support and assistance to the client as they adapt to new solutions or face challenges.

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all services are $200/hour


Assisting businesses in embracing digital transformation by identifying opportunities to leverage technology to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and drive growth.

technology strategy development

Helping clients create a comprehensive technology plan that aligns with their business objectives and supports growth.

ai & machine learning

Advising clients on the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to solve complex business problems and enhance decision-making.

software development consulting

Providing expert guidance on suitable technologies, platforms, and best practices for user-friendly, high-performance mobile apps, websites, and custom software. We collaborate with clients to understand their unique needs, tailoring the development process for optimal results and success.

ui/ux design

Ensuring the development of visually appealing and easy-to-use interfaces for mobile and web applications to enhance user experience and engagement.

infrastructure & cloud consulting

Assisting clients in assessing and optimizing their IT infrastructure, including the transition to cloud-based solutions for improved security, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

cybersecurity consulting

Helping clients assess their cybersecurity risks, implement best practices, and develop a comprehensive security strategy to protect their digital assets.

training & support

Offering training and ongoing support to ensure clients have the knowledge and resources to effectively manage and maintain their technology solutions.

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technology consulting services

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